2019 Hillside Training Academy

Updated Thursday January 31, 2019 by Al Monaco.

            The Hillside Training Academy (HTA) was established in 2016 designed to develop and sharpen fundamental baseball and softball skills through technical instruction and repetition supervised by qualified and knowledgeable coaches.  HTA is designed for baseball players that are Little League ages 8-12 and all softball players.  The HTA operates under the motto of H.U.S.T.L.E. which other than its obvious meaning also stands for Heart Understanding Skills Technique Learn Effort.  In which the HTA strives to help its athletes gain a better Understanding of game by giving the kids more reps to sharpen their Skills and Technique as long as the kids have a willingness to Learn and put forth the Effort with all of their Heart.

            This year the HTA is taking a multi facet approach to achieving these goals; Coach’s Training, Spring Training, Regular Season.

            All HTA coaches are all trained by UNO Baseball and Softball coaches. The HTA coaches will then take their training and teach in a series of clinics any Parent or Volunteer who would like some additional information on being a coach or just would like more tools to become the best coach they can be.  This will help re-inforce the Spring Training teachings of the Academy throughout the season and help HTA participants take on a leadership role on their in-house teams.

            This will start the Sunday after the Super bowl. Dates and times will vary by ages.  Each age group will have eight training sessions.

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